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Welcome to setting your first goal towards your Ultimate Success.  Before we begin, I’d like to offer a few quick assumptions. 
Like so many on the path to personal development, you probably came here because you feel you're not moving powerfully enough in the direction you believe you should to be heading.  

You've been looking for change but weren't sure how and where to begin. 
You’ve tried many other approaches but none have seemed to work thus far.  You may even at times feel as though there is a negative energy surrounding you and you wish you could surround yourself in a brighter more positive energy. 

We look to setting goals in order to move away from a specific condition.  We find ourselves in a less than favorable state and want to move towards a more fulfilling, rewarding, positive state.  Imagine experiencing massive abundance and instant wealth in every aspect of your life!  To get from A to B we need to set effective goals.

Goal setting to most of us seems to be an enormous time consuming endeavor.  Done properly we just don’t have the time to do it as often as we’d like.  But let me ask you, what is this costing you not doing it and putting the time in that you need? 

In the beginning, you may find it takes 10 to 20 minutes for you to complete, but in time with practice, you can do this in less time it takes you to make your favorite beverage.  In fact, you can probably set a few goals while making your tea or coffee in the morning!  Start with smaller goals and let them grow!  With time you’ll find you can set these in just a few seconds wherever you are! 

Making your goals realistic is one of the most important criteria.  Setting goals isn’t like buying a lottery ticket.  It’s more like planting a seed for a sunflower.  That single seed, when fully grown, will give you all that you’ve asked for and the tools to create more positive goals for your future.  Think of it as an infinite field of success!  So let’s start with a goal that’s practical and realistic so that you have a higher degree of success. 

The first thing you’ll need to do is get yourself a blank book or journal. Next, make sure you’re away from all distractions and you’ll be totally undisturbed.  When you’re ready grab your journal and pen, turn to the first page and ask yourself, what is it you want?  Spend a few minutes thinking about this and write down everything you want!  Make sure you think big!   You’re going to be making changes and building success!  Next what I like to do is choose one goal and work on that one specifically.  Think of yourself as an avid mountain climber with each goal representing its own mountain.  There are various paths to the top with one that’s right for you!  Next while thinking about that one goal, on a new piece of paper write out the sub-goals you need to accomplish that goal.  What tools will you need to set to get yourself up the mountain to reach your ultimate goal?  Think of this part as booking the flight to your climbing expedition, then arranging for the camping gear you’ll need while you’re staying there, and the food you’ll need to give you the energy to complete your climb and perhaps the special clothing to keep you warm, or dry or cool.  Each task becomes its own goal.  So think about it and write out what it is you’ll need to do to get yourself to the top. 

Now this is where the fun begins.  We’re going to take each of those goals one by one and set them in our future to occur at a specific date as if in a schedule, to happen while we are on route to the top. 

Next is a little visualization exercise.  Take a single goal, read it over one more time and close your eyes.  Put yourself in touch with the date where you said it is to occur and imagine yourself completing it.  Pay special attention to all the visual, audible and kinesthetic cues and make them as vivid as possible!  Make the colors brighter, movement dynamic, sounds rich and feelings strong and flowing deep!  Then with a flash as if someone took your picture, immortalize this moment in the film strip of your life in your mind, leaving yourself in it and bring the print in your hands back to today.  With eyes still closed, what I like to do then is imagine myself walking into my kitchen, picture in hand and stick it to the fridge door in my mind with a magnet as a reminder of the goal and the date by which it is to occur.  This imagery will create the necessary tension at the subconscious level to propel you forward to realizing your dream!  Finally open your eyes.  You can now repeat this exercise for each sub-goal leading up to your main goal. 

So to sum it up. 

1.      Brainstorm all you want to achieve
2.      Break up all those big goals into smaller goals
3.      Organize the smaller goals to occur in time leading up to your ultimate goal
4.      Visualize yourself completing each goal and schedule it to occur at its required date
5.      Move on to the next goal
6.      Start moving towards change.  Start working on what you need to do to make that first goal occur.  If you need to go to the store and get climbing gear, get out of the house and get shopping! 
7.      And most importantly, celebrate each time you reach your goal! 

Elvis Moravac is a life coach and business strategist focusing on environmentally conscious approaches to success.  His mission is to make our planet a happier and healthier place for all to live!  Visit Full on Freedom for more information on how you can improve your life!

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